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Disgrace 18: Riley Rey

Slut gets tied up and fucked hardcore for school money!

Riley is studying at the University in San Diego to become a psychologist. Kinda funny when you think about how big of a whore this freshman slut is. She shows off just how exciting it is to have too many cocks near her perfect pink 18 year old pussy… .
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Disgrace 18: Sadie West

Horny waitress spread eagle while tied up!

It was a lot of fun to find Sadie West working as a waitress. The thing about whores is that they can’t seem to function without a cock in their mouth! Sadie is no exception, this amazingly hot slut couldn’t get our order right but loved to suck cock instead! She eventually got it right the moment that hard cock went into her tight moist ..
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Disgrace 18: Nicole Ray

Hot teen whore moans while getting throatfucked and bent over a toilet!

Getting caught stealing, Nicole Ray gets more than just busted by the security guard in a near by bathroom. On the sink, she fucks the guard so hard that it fucking breaks! Gliding his cock in her pussy and she deepthroat his night stick like a pig! After a few pumps they end up on the toilet as she gets wetter with every thrust of his authority….
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Disgrace 18: Jessica Valentino

Cute wants to experience a little kink but gets more than she expected

As cute as these young 18 year old sluts are, they are never the brightest, which makes for perfect sluts. Jessica got naked and fucked a hard dick. She even suggested to have more fun after a few hot and heavy minutes of masturbation. We squeezed her tits as she played with her pussy juices…..
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Disgrace 18: Lindy Lane

This smoking hot 18 year old slut loves having her body covered in ropes, chains, tape and CUM!

Adorable, loving, sweet fucking 18 year old slut Lindy Lane was in the garage trying to fix her cute little bike. She ended up sliding a big cock deep inside her moist pink pussy. With tits being squeezed and her delicious body wrapped around a hard cock, this petite slut was leaving the garage with a facial…..
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Disgrace 18: Kacey Jordan

Chick that just graduated high school gets her twat pumped!

Kacey Jordan just graduated and now has a bright future ahead of her, as a whore! We are really excited, almost as much as she is to get fucked by 3 guys and have her pussy played with a dildo drill. To celebrate her hard efforts in school, she will now learn the hard cocks of life by taking a huge dick deep in her tight slutty pussy…
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Disgrace 18: Gracie Glam

Gracie gets a disgraceful fucking in the mouth and pussy!

Gracie Glam was taking a relaxing bath when we showed up. This horny slut was getting off on the slippery sensation of being in the bathtub! Big ass and tight pussy, we slid a dildo in her slippery wet ass for that extra pulsating sensation while she guided that cock in her adorable pussy……
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Disgrace 18: Amea Moretti

Nasty bitch gets throat fucked while taped up!

Amia Moretti was waiting for a ride when she decided to head back to our place for a little after school fun with jump ropes and hula hoops. She was so flirtatious she got her self off and wanted to get into something very fun! She was thrilled to be such a horny 18 year old slut, showing off how hard she can fuck……
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Disgrace 18: Lexi Diamond

Tied up teen gets materbated till she screams

Lexi Diamond was dropped off by her gaurdian this morning to meet up with us. She told us she wanted to be a pornstar and knew what she was getting herself into, what she didn’t expect was how much she loved getting a hard cock! We rubbed her perky 18 year old nipples, as she spread her legs she ended up exposing that sensitive ripe clit……
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Disgrace 18: Holly Fox

This blonde little teen get a butt plug then fucked hardcore…damn her twat must be sore!!!

It didn’t take us long to get little Holly sliding her clothes off, revealing her tight, young body. We went to work quickly, rubbing the massager’s big rotating head against her pussy, almost making her cum. Ultimately, she needed a big cock and we gave her some deep, hard fucking…
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